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Description: Accounting software is feature-ready to satisfy India’s current GST & overall Tax structure. It is scalable, supportive, reliable, with standardized features.

Financial accounting maneuvers involve complex scenarios, a substantial operational budget, more customers, and massive ledger records. As the business grows, it suffers shortcomings in handling enormous accounts and fiddle with sufficient tools. Practicing good financial bookkeeping and employing the right accounting software provides a straightforward, initiative, and full accounting resolution.

Accounting is a crucial component of a business structure and helps determine the insights of profitability and damages. A simple accounting software system facilitates the business to keep records of expenses and income and automate reporting tasks by eliminating manual entries.

Here is a directory of Top 10 Accounting Software in India;

1. Tally.ERP 9

  • End-to-end solution to GST statutory regulations
  • Current reformer changes taken into consideration
  • Equipped with error detection capabilities
  • Minimizes rejection in GST returns
  • Create invoices, ledgers, print cheques, stock aging analysis
  • Estimates cost, profit analysis, auto bank reconciliation
  • Acts as a business acquiescence partner
  • Helps in generating instant records and makes quick decisions
  • Allows the company to handle accounting and manufacturing aspects
  • Implements minimum resources.
  • Manage your Accounts easily
  • Streamlines with unique ways
  • Get a bird’s eye view of each ledger
  • Manage capital control and complexities of accounting.
  • Use advanced filters, alteration, and comparison techniques.

2. QuickBooks India

  • Embracing accounting software
  • Provides seamless, extensive data on one single tool
  • Comprehensive modern accounting management tool
  • Allows enterprises to pursue sales, create and send invoices,
  • Derive a database from the cloud-based portal
  • Brest for novice users and does not require any expertise in financial accounts handling
  • Equipped with robust invoicing features, payment reminders, sales
  • Tracking inventory, auto banking resolution, and easy navigation interface
  • Provides a 360-degree glimpse of the business from anywhere
  • Access account, manage the business and stay organized anytime from a computer, mobile, or tablet
  • Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts
  • Powerful invoice tracking arrangement, sales order management, and cost management system
  • Real-time view of the cash receivable and payables with online banking integration.

3. Zoho Books

  • Popular online accounting software in India
  • Acts as an integrated platform
  • End-to-end financial solution
  • GST compliant automates business workflow
  • Manages financial accounting
  • Help in operating departments collectively from one single source
  • Most preferred accounting solutions for growing business
  • Maintains sales orders and invoicing mundane GST invoices
  • Bookkeeping, huge ledgers, and various accounting tasks
  • Feature-packed to keep cash payables, receivables, banking
  • Inventory, business contacts, and generate reports
  • Available at affordable pricing
  • GST filing experience easier and error-free

4. Marg ERP 9+

  • GST enabled inventory & accounting software in India
  • GST billing and filing easy
  • Generate a batch-wise invoice
  • Get detailed data on a business transaction
  • Avail auto exchequer reconciliation, encode and centralize barcode
  • Push GST transaction on the portal
  • Helps in selecting the suitable GST slab and segregate transactions accordingly
  • Directs detailed and automates computations of SGST, CGST, and IGST
  • Trade specialized solution
  • Highly affordable in price
  • Customizable in features
  • More than 2500 software configuration
  • 500 tutorial videos
  • Easy to implement
  • Build functionality to business support
  • Generating effective financial reports
  • Accomplish tax calculations
  • Generate GST invoices and information for better tax reporting.
  • Tenders full-time support with modernized tutorials and manuals
  • Customizable and collaborative
  • The essential layer of functionality

5. Vyapar

  • Tops the list of accounting software for miniature Indian businesses
  • Free platform
  • Allows maintaining invoice, getting inventory records
  • Manages books of accounts
  • Tracks daily business activities
  • Focusing on business growth rate
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Helps business management
  • Utilize productive time on business development
  • It needs a digital upgrade
  • Acts as a practical solution
  • GST compliant to allow error-free tax returns
  • Eliminating errors occurred with manual calculations
  • Control individual units of the business
  • Creates customizable invoices
  • Automates payment reminders
  • Set up “Auto Backup”
  • Prevents business accounting data against accidental data loss
  • Keep track of team performance
  • Analyzes sales invoices and cash invoices

6. myBooks

  • Excellent accounting solution for entrepreneurs, accountants
  • Benefits small it and financial companies freelancers
  • Designed for all small business owner
  • Eliminate your accounting work stress
  • Designed from the small business owners’ perspective
  • Kept easy user experience as a central objective in developing the product
  • No need for formal training
  • Has helpful tips around the product
  • Discover features and functionalities very easily
  • Send professional-looking GST compliant invoices
  • Delivered to customers by email in just a few clicks
  • Generate invoices in less than 60sec with customized logo
  • Daily backups are maintained in mybooks cloud
  • Data transferred between systems
  • 100% data security for data
  • Appears with a free mobile app for android and ios platform
  • dashboard charts and reports at fingertips

7. Busy Accounting Software

  • Integrated Windows-based accounting software
  • Bring a reform in the automated accounting system
  • The primary objective to provide digitalization
  • Offers an automated software solution
  • Top online accounting software in India
  • Curated by a group of IT professionals
  • Focused on the development of business accounting
  • Caters a range of accounting software apps
  • Cater to the need of diverse business segments
  • Available in three various components to suit micro, small, and medium scale enterprises.
  • Features multi-currency accounting
  • It opens up the option for globalized companies with worldwide branches
  • GST Invoicing and Reports
  • Handy tool for error-free tax filing returns
  • Analyze profit reports
  • MIS reports and analysis for everyday management activities

8. Logic

  • Online accounting software in India
  • Satisfies the demand for strategic ERP system in the accounting and financial module
  • Grab an insight into financial reports
  • Align in quick decision making
  • Advanced computerized software
  • Facilitates error-free financial management, budgeting
  • Plans to assists forecasting render efficient performance analysis
  • Integrates general ledger with accounting data
  • Hold cross-communication with different departments
  • Facilitate collaborations across business delegates
  • Comprehensive data offered by the software
  • Enlightens business success with powerful consolidated tools
  • Manage Human resources, inventory, and accounting

9. Giddh

  • All-inclusive, modern accounting software in India
  • Uses local database
  • Delivers custom reports for the successful
  • Deals in inventory and stock management
  • Handles bank accounts with high-level security
  • GST compliance and provides insight reports
  • Supports multi-currency features
  • Manage globalized departments from one place.
  • Lets the business share data with team members
  • Keep track of elements that require topmost priorities.
  • File GST returns without worrying about the cancelation
  • Enables error-free, on-time tax filing
  • Equipped with customizable templates
  • Generate professional-looking invoices

10. ProfitBooks

  • Serve as the best accounting and inventory management solution
  • Offers complete inventory management
  • Detailed tax reports
  • Help in stabilized controlling of the business
  • Financial planning and inventory management
  • Alignment to get sales for product insights
  • Steady platform to track management process and file tax returns
  • Manages income and expense statements
  • Tracks entire cash flow
  • Savior to many upscale businesses
  • New ventures for vividly advanced features.
  • Manage outstanding dues.
  • Generate vat reports and GST analysis
  • Eradicates manual error during tax filings
  • Entails complete profit and loss statements
  • A better understanding of business operations


In the above article, ten accounting software for small and mid-size businesses in India are focussed. The accounting software is feature-ready to satisfy all the obligations of India’s current GST and other prevalent Tax structure. The software is scalable, supportive, reliable, and has standardized features to host the general accounting process

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