Giddh: Financial App to Manage Inventories & Generate Invoices

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Giddh is an accounting software product that allows many features, including those not continuously provided by financial apps. It enables you to manage inventories and create invoices from one intuitive dashboard.

Small and midsize enterprises have turned to Giddh because it works reasonably well on Windows-based PCs and Macintosh computers. It’s also become familiar with larger firms, particularly those that manage complex online retail transactions. Giddh is intended to make it easy to command massive volumes of financial data.

Features of Giddh

1. Inventory: Build your perfect inventory management system by filling out a few in-app profiles. This dashboard will automatically follow expenses and inform you if you’re about to go you’re your budget.

2. Invoicing: As soon as clients fill out an order form, the app’s onboard invoicing module will grant them a professional-looking invoice with all the relevant data.

3. Bank reconciliation: When you initially configure the app, you’ll have the advantage of linking your bank account with your Giddh credentials. The app will then automate the method of bank reconciliation and watch every incoming and outgoing activity.

4. International currency support: Retailers who do trade overseas can experience full support for almost any global currency. Depending on whereby your customers pay, Giddh can even manage the conversion for you.

5. Integrations: You can attach financial data to Giddh simply by importing an Excel spreadsheet. Those who require to automate complex accounting jobs can take the help of the built-in application program interface (API) integration module.

6. Goods and services tax (GST): When the app generates an invoice, it will assess how much GST you owe and add it to a ledger. You’ll be ready to file the tax return later in the year based on this information. Businesses established in India can guarantee compliance will all related tax laws just by following a few prompts.

7. Reports and analytics: Giddh’s reporting a module can spontaneously generate detailed audit logs and daybooks at periodic intervals. Users can also attend the financial dashboard for a review of their company’s prevailing situation. This tool gives you the freedom to evaluate the net worth of your whole business and each source of revenue from a single screen.

8. Collaboration: Partaking data with your colleagues couldn’t be more comfortable. Multiple users can serve on spreadsheets together and export sales updates with just a few taps.

9. Cloud storage: Each time you perform changes to a spreadsheet or other financial records, Giddh will store it in the cloud. You’ll be able to obtain your data from any connected device even if you experience a power failure while performing changes.

10. Security: The software practices a built-in security system modeled after the encryption services stationed by banks. Therefore, you can believe that all of the data stored in Giddh is secure from any outside data breaches.

11. Search function: No matter what dashboard you’re currently studying at, Giddh presents you with a single, unified search tool. It will parse through each record saved in your account to obtain the information you’re scanning for.

Pricing of Giddh

Users can pick among four different plans. They are based on the total amount of financial transactions that you require to make. The slightest opportunity is entirely free and comes with a few tools for teachers, scholars, and startup businesses. Larger enterprises can accommodate an individual contract, which also begins with a service plan. All users can download the mobile app, which should operate on any compatible Android gadget. Whether you’re an auditor or manage your own small business, Giddh should have all of the tools you require to handle and stop even the most complex financial tasks.

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