How to Instantly Hack Facebook Account without Software

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There are various ways to hack Facebook Messenger conversations. The ones subsequently are the easiest methods to control the activity of your kids. However, note that you require to have an excellent excuse to follow someone’s social media account without permission.

1. Using a Monitoring App

If you are looking to monitor a Facebook account in a moment without the minesweeper-level approach, this is for you. One way of accomplishing it is by using a monitoring tool.

  • Sign up – Visit a developer’s website to create an account by completing the registration process.
  • Log in to account – Sign in and fill in all the details of the device you want to track. After completing the process,
  • Install the application – Download the app that works well both on iOS and Android.
  • Start monitoring – Tap on the “Start monitoring/tracking” option. Monitor, a person does on Facebook account with the app working secretly in the background.
No technical skills neededNeed physical access to the target device
Fast way to hack FacebookNeed reinstallation, if phone owner loses or changes their phone
Operate in stealth modeBest apps are costly

2. The manual method

Step 1. Comprehend the email address the person used to register a Facebook account.

Step 2. Open the target user’s login page and tap on ‘Forgot password’ and obey instructions.

Step 3. Facebook will send a link for a password reset to the recovery email address and click the link that says, “No longer have access to these?”

Step 4. The browser will ask to provide an alternative email address that isn’t tied to the Facebook account you wish to observe.

Step 5. You will be examined with few questions to prove authenticity.

Step 6. If you fail, use your friends to help reset the password and create fake Facebook accounts in their names. It will be easy to avoid the previous roadblock as FB will contact friends” for confirmation.

Step 7. After succeeding, get an email notification sent to the alternative email address to reset the password and access the to-be-monitored account.

Pros Cons
No technical skills are needed.Needs access to target user’s mobile or email address
100% free of chargeRequires Facebook ID of a perso
Safe to useUnless you utilize a public computer, IP can be tracked.

3. Using keylogging software

  • Sign up for an account – Select the keylogger software you wish to use & sign up with the developer.
  • Install the program – Install the software on the device you want to monitor.
  • Crack the passwords – Sign in to the software’s control panel and view the app harvested passwords.

It works best when you physically access the target device for few minutes. Install the software to the user’s device for capturing passwords and other credentials. It will record and send user inputs on a phone or computer.

4. Matching a Password

The trick depends on the naivety and negligence of the users who use predictable and weak passwords. It would be easy to crack the password if you know things like:

  • year of birth
  • wedding anniversary
  • name of the spouses or kids
  • mobile phone numbers

5. How to hack Facebook Using Cookies

Cookies are another way of hacking someone’s Facebook Messenger without them knowing. The reason is that cookies help websites store information on a person’s hard drive to retrieve it later and contain sensitive data to track full browsing sessions. You can log into the account and continue till you leave without suspicion.

6. Cracking user’s history

The last method is reliable but straightforward but does not work in the U.S. and Canada. Try it:

  • Open targeted user’s Facebook profile.
  • Right-click on the Poke menus to choose the Copy Link Location/address from the options to save their link identity on the clipboard.
  • Go to the browser’s address bar and type in a simple code line “javascript: Chat.OpenTable (ABC)”.
  • Press the “enter” key to see the history of the target user’s activities on display with Messenger.

7. Social Engineering

Use social engineering to get to the core of what someone could be hiding from you. You can grab someone’s FB details using Kali Linux. Follow to achieve the spying goals:

  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Launching BeEF
  • Hooking the target user’s browser by simply embedding the code into the website and convince users to click on it.
  • Sending a dialog box to the user
  • Harvesting login details by collecting account details and accessing activities on FB account.

Concluding Take

Passwords are the official gatekeepers of Facebook account. Hacking them is illegal and may lead to unpleasant consequences. If you wish to track your kid’s conversations on Facebook to protect them from online predators or prevent corporate data leakage, it is recommended to use an official monitoring app.

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