MARG ERP 9+ Software: Order & Purchase, Production Planning

MARG ERP 9+ Software bestaccouningsoftware
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MARG ERP 9+ is an on-premise ERP resolution used by every small, midsize, and enterprise business to offer various modules customized to the requirements of retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in multiple industries. The solution provides android apps for customers, store owners, and suppliers.

Modules submitted by MARG ERP9+ accommodate order management, purchase management, production planning, and costing and inventory management. It also implements a distribution module for versatile industries, including pharmacy.

The retail POS module incorporates inventory management, reporting, alliances with e-commerce platforms, touch POS, barcode scanners, and integrations with logistics platforms. It also offers sales.

It is an Accounting and ERP software for business. It is overall good Software with many features unless we use it the complete advantage of Software cannot be taken. The only opinion that bothers me is that it is good Software with lousy support.

Users have significant experience regarding a bill to balance sheet. It is suggested for all MSMEs to use this Software once after that, and he will be unstoppable in his sales. It is not only software. It is a business 10xbooster.

It is the best Software for inventory, accounting, taxation, and banking. Overall, Marg is the best solution for the business management of any traders. It is considered the Business Backbone.


Marg ERP is an accounting and ERP solution for modest and medium enterprises. Some of the recorded features are as underneath:

Comprehensive accounting and Inventory resolution for business also support bar code scan. Marg ERP also supports complete GST solutions like GST return filing E-way bill solution. It has the solution for all types of businesses like the retail chain, manufacturing, POS, Distribution, Pharma business, jewelry business, etc. The Software has the very best accounting features like detailed MIS and reports availability, auto-posting of recurring entries, etc., which makes the company more productive. It has an integrated android app. Available doorstep support & services across India. Feature-rich provision always uniquely grows our business. Software is like an app with various sound features. Complete solution with affordable rate is beneficial for every person in business. Integrated banking, secure GST returns preparation, security innovations, easy to operate/Simple Interface. It is customer-friendly with full customization and significant maintenance by local providers. It can create any reports and provide an easy waybill. It has an excellent collaborative commerce option. It generates a direct JSON file for GST.


It has tons of highlights, but that generates confusion sometimes. Suppose there is no awareness about using attributes, then it makes more issues than the solution. The user interface is not much intuitive, which can be improved. We sometimes faced that customer support response is feeble. Once the product is sold, their team doesn’t care much about customer problems nor provide sufficient training. 360 Degree view of any establishment using this software resolution may cause a headache for rivals. Inbuilt CRM features are extra without any extra expense. For the last five years, the customers have used Marg and never could operate from end to end. Not even once were able to do the trial balance nor balance sheet. It has feeble local support. Today some customers were bound to switch to other ERP.  No web report, no work online without a server. Server error comes a lot. Mail generation contains software ads. CA’S not preferring/suggesting Marg although considered best Software as per trader. They have fewer training centers.

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