Profitbooks: Accounting Software for Traders & Manufacturers

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ProfitBooks provides accounting packages for small businesses in India. People have used it in a variety of industries, including traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers. ProfitBooks is possible as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

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ProfitBooks Features

Invoicing: This powerful feature supports unlimited invoices. Collect payments online, track business expenses, and process transactions in multiple currencies to stay on top of your accounts receivable. You can generate professional invoices with just a few ticks using the intuitive invoicing functionality.

Purchase management: Track your purchase orders (POs) and automate your workflow. Convert POs into purchases easily. This app will help you eliminate avoidable errors and improve efficacy.

Inventory: The comprehensive cloud-based inventory modules automate workflow and streamline purchasing. The software comes equipped with both manufacturing and warehouse inventory functions. You can track your stock from raw materials to finished goods. The app supports multiple warehouses so you can decide where to keep supply and record purchases for future bills.

Payroll: The integrated payroll module allows you to compensate your staff quickly. Employees can apply for leave and record timesheets with the app as well.

Sales Orders: Streamline your ordering process through this dashboard. It is fully integrated with other features such as cash management, accounts receivable, and inventory. It virtually eliminates the need for double entry, which saves you time and money by reducing redundancy.

ProfitBooks Pricing

ProfitBooks is free to use for start-ups. If you require more users and priority support, you can purchase the premium plan. You can contact the vendor via their website for more information on the software and pricing. If you are the manager of an organization in India and are looking for well-integrated accounting software, ProfitBooks should fulfil most of your needs. Subscription starting at INR 15.00 / Month.

ProfitBooks’ user interface was easy to use. They said that even less technologically inclined employees could pick up the software and begin using it immediately. One user commented that they had limited accounting knowledge but could still run comprehensive reports that increased visibility. ProfitBooks is like having a personal accountant. Users find the software’s graphical interface intuitive. The features of the software provided good value for their money—the software’s cloud hosting useful. Users could do business away from the office. The software was well integrated with both payment providers and the modules themselves. Data entry had been reduced. Users could enter information into one form, and that it would later auto-populate in another module. 

ProfitBooks Pros & Cons

Useful cloud-based interfaceSome functions can be challenging to understand
User-friendlyThere could be more categories to define users
Well integrated with payment gatewaysReporting doesn’t have many format options
Reduced workloads
Helpful reporting
Easy to monitor finances
Helpful customer support
Issues addressed in subsequent releases of the software
Visual graphs provide easy to understand insights
Issues addressed in subsequent releases of the software

Think you are the manager of a small business in India looking for well-integrated and user-friendly accounting and inventory management software. In that case, ProfitBooks should meet most of your organization’s requirements.

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